Prerelease of SiRPAC

The version of SiRPAC that uses a new API for RDF is included in the API distribution. This version of SiRPAC is available for backward compatibility only.

Many people sent to me requests for the streaming-based version of SiRPAC. The version you can download below is a prerelease version of the parser that will be included in the next GINF distribution.

Disclaimers: (1) the code is a hack (2) I'm just a temporary courtesy maintainer of SiRPAC. However I can incorporate your bugfixes into this version (3) SiRPAC is a product of W3C.

Download ZIP file (includes source code, last modified Nov 16)

Notes: the current version has two new features:

  1. Streaming-based parsing (-s option)
  2. Extraction of RDF content from arbitrary HTML pages (-r option)


Don't forget to point to sax.jar & (aelfred.jar | xml4j.jar) in your CLASSPATH!

If you want to parse the Open Directory RDF files you can use the UNIX scripts that I prepared (RDF format used by ODP is a bit flaky). They worked fine with the dump as of Nov 7.


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