GINF: Issues, Bugs, To Do

Here is an incomplete list of issues that need to be resolved, bugs and todos:

[I-Validation-2]: GINF processes schema information only if it is encoutered in schemas fetched during the processing of an original model. If you want to test/validate an RDF file containing both schema and a "regular" model, try the schema class generator:

java org.ginf.javagen.Main -use <your-file> <your-file>
[I-Validation-1]: ContainerMembershipProperties (rdf:_1, rdf:_2, ...) were validated even if attached to a resource which is does not subclass rdf:Container (reported by Pierre-Antoine Champin). Although currently NOT required by the RDF schema specification, this feature will be included in the next distribution.

[I-SiRPAC-2]: following bug was reported and fixed by  Pierre-Antoine Champin: <rdf:li> elements were ignored by the parser. This bugfix will be contained in the next distribution.

[I-SiRPAC-1]: the modified version of SiRPAC that is used for parsing RDF has still numerous bugs / incompletenesses with respect to seldom used features like bagIDs, descriptions of URL prefices etc. However, it is able to read serialized models generated by the RDFMS serializer.

[I-CDATA-1]: How do we encode and transport arbitrary binary data in GINF/RDF/XML? According to the specs we can only encode character data, and these data must not contain ]]> in it.

Current workaround for character data:
    some text ]]> more text
will be encoded as
    <![CDATA[some text]]]><![CDATA[]> more text]]>
The encoding scheme
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?>
is used to ensure that all bytes in binary data are interpreted as characters.

GINF (c) 1999 by Sergey Melnik. Last modified on July 13, 1999.