Agent Technology
Projects in
the Stanford
Digital Library

Agents are a helpful programming paradigm for object-oriented systems, especially where the task is ill-defined and complex or the agents are making decisions designed to accommodate the user's preferences. The agent paradigm has been used in the Stanford Digital Library Project for information finding (collaborative filtering and distributed gathering) and for economic matters (such as payments).
FAB is an adaptive multi-agent information retrieval system which finds interesting pages on the web.

"An Adaptive Agent for Automated Web Browsing"

Designed to permit interoperation between different payment services, InterPay provides levels of abstraction which allow applications to be independent of payment mechanism-specific details.

"InterPay: Managing Multiple Payment Mechanisms in Digital Libraries"

Distributed Commerce Transactions
Gathering information from multiple, self-interested sources that distrust each other requires certain types of structuring to ensure that a multi-stage exchange has the atomicity property.

"A Sound and Complete Distributed Algorithm for Distributed Commerce Transactions"

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