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These papers were published in journals or conferences and may not be available on the Stanford Digital Library Technologies Web Site.

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The "Slider" Interface
by Marko Balabanovic
in IBM interVisions #11

Safeguarding and Charging for Information on the Internet.
by Hector Garcia-Molina, Steven Ketchpel and Narayanan Shivakumar
in Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE-98)
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The Design of Interaction
by Terry Winograd.
In Peter Denning and Bob Metcalfe (eds.), Beyond Calculation, The Next 50 Years of Computing, Springer-Verlag, 1997, 149-162.
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Extracting Semistructured Information from the Web
by J. Hammer, H. Garcia-Molina, J. Cho, A. Crespo, R. Aranha.
In Proceedings of the Workshop on Management of Semistructured Data, pages 18-25, Tucson, Arizona, May 1997.
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AHA: Audio HTML Access
by Frankie James.
In WWW6 proceedings, April 1997
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Combining Content-Based and Collaborative Recommendation
by Marko Balabanovic and Yoav Shoham
Communications of the ACM, 40(3), March, 1997.
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dSCAM: Finding Document Copies Across Multiple Databases
by Luis Gravano, Narayanan Shivakumar Hector Garcia-Molina.
Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems, 1996.
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STARTS: Stanford Proposal for Internet Meta-Searching
by Luis Gravano, Chen-Chuan K. Chang, Hector Garcia-Molina, and Andreas Paepcke.
In Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Data, 1997.
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Error-Based and Entropy-Based Discretization of Continuous Features.
by Ron Kohavi and Mehran Sahami.
In Second International Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 1996.
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Learning Limited Dependence Bayesian Classifiers.
by Mehran Sahami
Second International Conference on Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 1996.
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Searching is Not Enough: What We Learned On-Site.
by Andreas Paepcke.
D-Lib Magazine, May, 1996.
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Towards Interoperability in Digital Libraries: Overview and Selected Highlights of the Stanford Digital Library Project
by Andreas Paepcke, Steve B. Cousins, Hector Garcia-Molina, Scott W. Hassan, Steven P. Ketchpel, Martin Röscheisen, and Terry Winograd
In IEEE Computer, May 1996

Building a Scalable and Accurate Copy Detection Mechanism
by N. Shivakumar and H. Garcia-Molina
In DL '96 Proceedings, 1996

Learning Information Retrieval Agents: Experiments with Automated Web Browsing
by Marko Balabanovic and Yoav Shoham
Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Information Gathering from Heterogenous, Distributed Resources, March 1995.
[compressed postscript document]

The SCAM Approach to Copy Detection in Digital Libraries
by N. Shivakumar and H. Garcia-Molina
Diglib Magazine, November 1995.

Digital Library sketch
by The DLcore mailing list.
Appeared in Comm. of the ACM Digital Libraries issue, 1995
[html document, 10 K]

Transaction Protection for Information Buyers and Sellers
by Steven Ketchpel
To appear DAGS '95, Electronic Publishing and the Information Superhighway]
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SCAM: A Copy Detection Mechanism for Digital Documents
by N. Shivakumar and H. Garcia-Molina
Accepted to Digital Libraries '95
[postscript, 177 KB] added Mar. 22, 1995

InterPay: Managing Multiple Payment Mechanisms in Digital Libraries.
by S. Cousins, S. Ketchpel, A. Paepcke, H. Garcia-Molina, S. Hassan, and M. Röscheisen
In Digital Libraries 95
[postscript, 2.6 MB] added Mar. 20, 1995
[PDF, 176K]

Interaction Design for Shared World-Wide Web Annotations
by M. Röscheisen, C. Mogensen and T. Winograd
In CHI'95. See also ComMentor Documentation and screenshots.
[html file, 12k] added Feb. 21, 1995

A Platform for Third-Party Value-Added Information Providers: Architecture, Protocols, and Usage Examples
ComMentor/PCD Brio Technical Report. Includes technical specifications.
Also: Postscript version, Slides from WWW conference talk, ComMentor Documentation.
by M. Röscheisen, C. Mogensen and T. Winograd
[html file, 100k] added Feb. 21, 1995

Beyond Browsing: Shared Comments, SOAPs, Trails and On-line Communities
by M. Röscheisen, C. Mogensen and T. Winograd
appeared in WWW'95, Darmstadt. See also ComMentor Documentation.
[html document, 88k] added Feb. 21, 1995

Copy Detection Mechanisms for Digital Documents
by S. Brin, J. Davis, and H. Garcia-Molina
to appear in SIGMOD'95.
[postscript version, 288k] added Feb. 10, 1995
[PDF version, 258k]

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