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Site Visit February 9, 2000

SDLIP: Simple Digital Library Interoperability Protocol by Andreas Paepcke

Stanford Archival Repository Project by Brian Cooper

Power Browser Project by Orkut Buyukkokten

Medical School Collaboration: Transporting Critically Ill Children
Creating and Consuming Medical Information on the Fly by Karen Butler

Overview of the Stanford Digital Library Technologies Project, October 1999

(by Hector Garcia-Molina and the Stanford DigLib Team)

Overview of the Stanford Digital Library Project, (by Andreas Paepcke)

A recent and more comprehensive treatment of the research goals and contributions of our project.

DLI1 Review, (by Andreas Paepcke)

At the end of the DLI1 project we stepped back and reviewed some of the lessons learned from our work. In this presentation we pick three examples. The first examines our user interface work. The second explains why traditional approaches to metadata fell short in our digital world. The third example illustrates why user traditions and preferences need to be considered even in design decisions that seem to be buried deep within the system.

SDILIP June 1999 Photos

Conjunctive Constraint Mapping for Data Translation, (by Chen-Chuen Kevin Chang)

Proxy Building Tutorial, (by Andreas Paepcke)

A brief introduction to using CORBA to build a proxy for a non-search related service. Also describes our use of CVS.

DLI All project meeting at Berkeley, January 1998

Digital Libraries '97, Philadelphia PA, July 1997

April 1997: Site Visit from funders

Nine presentations summarizing the current state of the Stanford DL Project

Terry Winograd: Research Issues and overview of the Stanford project

Santa Barbara DLI Meeting 11/95

Andreas Paepcke: Interoperability

Santa Barbara DLI Meeting 11/95

Terry Winograd: Digital Libraries, Documents, and Services

Adobe, 8/96

Hector Garcia-Molina: NDLF Meeting

Stanford University, 12/15/96

Hector Garcia-Molina: Welcome to the DLI Meeting at Stanford

Stanford University, 12/16/96

Hector Garcia-Molina: Meta-searching Across the Internet

COMPCON 97, San Jose, CA 2/26/97

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