Deployment and Future Directions


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Table of Contents

Deployment and Future Directions

Deployment Modes

Deployment Examples

Deployment Examples (cont.)

System Evaluation/Deployment Strategy

User Evaluation Phase I

Phase I Evaluation Result Sampler

Phase I Evaluation Result Sampler (cont.)

Deployment Challenges

Deployment Challenges (cont.)

Deployment Challenges (cont.)

Medium Term Testbed Plans

Medium Term Testbed Plans (cont.)

Long Term Plans

Problem: Service Robustness

Perpetual Activity Service

Problem: Federating Digital Libraries

Cellular Repositories

Problem: Collaboration in Information-Intensive Environments

Information-Based View: Email

Information-Based View: Source Control

Information Streams

Longer Term: Digital ?Physical World

Problem: Information Efforts Wasted

Value Filtering


Author: Andreas Paepcke


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