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Christian Mogensen

I'm originally from Oslo, Norway. The story so far:

[Beer logo] One of my favorite things is beer - I'm a founding member of the Norwegian Friends of the Pilsner society. Beer is good and should be enjoyed as often as possible - something Californian geography conspires against. At least Britain had a pub on every corner - California just has the corners very far apart.

[winter] After coming to Stanford, my hair grew out. :-)


Current research (if you want to call it that) deals with the world wide web and privacy and publishing issues. Mostly this involves hacking at Perl and Python. One of the first things I did was the PRIV tag - an early stab at filtering paragraphs rather than whole documents.

I'm also into PGP and public key crypto, and the implications that this has. Therefore I'm a CPSR and EFF member.

Here is my PGP public key also available from a key server. I gave a talk on crypto in 93 that summarises a lot of the technical details involved.


Some of my favourite hacks:


I went to CFP'94, where Bruce Sterling had this to say. Then there's this copyright violation of the Wall Street Journal article on PGP.


Some of my friends have banded together to form a Riff Raff mailing list. Check out our spiffy new Snapple (R) page.

This pretty much sums up my study habits, although this term I swear I'll be more prepared...
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